Car on solar energy is coming

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Amsterdam – Three young, idealistic Germans come next year with a car that runs like a charm. Literally, because the electric car runs in part on solar energy. Oh, and in the glovebox is Icelandic moss. As air freshener.

There is great demand for sustainable automotive: already about seven thousand ’Zion’ in Sono Motors ordered. The buyers have to wait a little longer, because up next year, driving only prototypes around. During a test drive, it is cloudy and do the 330 solar cells on the car, but half the work. However, the shuttle is Zion nice, because the battery pack brings the driver anyway, some 250 km away. And when the sun shines at all, it happens to the charging during the drive.

Green gadgets

The makers of the car proudly tell about all the green features. That are sometimes literally green, like that crazy moss in the transparent glove compartment. That works well as a recyclable air filter for the interior, latch on to it. Water give? Don’t have to.

On the sustainable ’Sion’ of Sono Motors sit 330 solar cells.

It had to be an affordable, practical family car,” says one of the authors, Jonah Christians. The Zion is, therefore, only in the color black and in but one implementation. In addition, there is the auto for around 70 per cent of components from other car manufacturers. The price? 20,000 euros, although there may be a few thousand euros if the battery is rented.

That “practical” also means that you are not in a futuristic zonnecellenauto is where technical students annually races ride. Who is behind the wheel sit down, had something of the collectors, which are concealed in the plastic bodywork. There is still nailed to the prototype, say the creators. During the proefritjes fell, for example, that your little can see if you to behind look. There must be a diamond.

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