Tom Lenaerts: ‘worst thing that ever happened to me’

Tom Lenaerts looks particularly positive to the life we read this week in Humo, but occasionally start to panic sometimes. And that certainly was the case on march 22, 2016, the day of the attacks on Brussels Airport and the metro station Maelbeek. That day, the son of Tom Lenaert with his school on a trip. It was for Tom Lenaerts an unreal day. “Our William left that day with his class on Romereis. An hour long we didn’t know whether he is unharmed, the insane hours of my life,” says Lenaerts this week in Humo. Tom Lenaerts: “At nine o’clock, we heard happy that everything was in order, but the day after I could barely steps. My whole body was tense, as if I were four marathons had walked. That is the worst thing I ever almost happened. I’m spared of major noodlottigheden,” Lenaerts further.

Just once, thought Tom Lenaerts that he himself is in a fateful situation was.”I may be lucky, I’ve never been in a do or die situation ended up. Although….Two weeks ago I during the cruise of the Zambezi river from my boat for decades, and in spite of my divine body, I am not the best swimmer. I’m perhaps three seconds, cup-gone, but it seemed five minutes. Afterwards, I noticed my breathing that I was afraid.”

You can read the full interview this week in Humo.

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