Princess Laurentien speaks out about Howick and Lily

Princess Laurentien

The Council of State decided last month that the asylum application of the mother and the children is rejected. Lily (now 12) and Howick (13) came in may 2008 with their mother to the Netherlands and grew up here. They do not speak Armenian. They have, however, according to the government is not entitled to a residence permit, because Armenia is a safe country.

Their mother, who have mental problems, it was a year ago already turned off. The children end up in Armenia, probably in a home, it is the story that the activists include Defence for Children the media inhelpen. That story is a lot of social unrest occurred. Also princess Laurentien, which actually is not a judgement will and can have on the situation, suggested in the show of Jeroen van Inkel: “But let’s remember that the young children have that stability.”

That stability is not in question, the government. “As a mother, she’s at the airport will pick it up, they simply go to her”, said a spokesman for secretary of state Harbers immediately after the verdict. The state attorney during the hearing: “They are calling every day several times with her children, and meddling from Yerevan explicitly with the question of education.” In her social environment in the Netherlands, she was also an exemplary mother.


Dj Jeroen van Inkel pulled out a column of Youp van ’t Hek who found that there was at least one member of parliament should be that a solution can think of for the children. “These children are innocent,” said Laurentien. “I agree that we have a solution to look for.”

The solution is already there, according to the Repatriation and Departure Service: their mother, according to them, good for the children. Secretary of state Mark Harbers wants no exception for the Netherlands-rooted children. The IND does not want to comment on the decision. Prime minister Rutte repeated what secretary Harbers last week, said, and what is in the latest lawsuit at the Council of State of the two children is discussed at length. The judges ruled last week that they may be expelled to Armenia.

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