Nicki Minaj should not be a indictment in

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Nicki Minaj

During a party of Harper’s Bazaar threw Cardi B is a shoe to Nicki. She was angry because of a few comments that Nicki on her had made on social media. That went about motherhood and that she picked up Cardi.

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The defined was nipped in the bud by security staff. Both ladies came almost intact from. Cardi had a bruise on her head. That was not the fault of Nicki. Cardi would be in all of the tumult are touched by someone of the security.

Cardi B, with a huge bump above her eye is arrested by the police after her attack on Nicki Minaj.

Nicki told TMZ that the fight is nothing proposed. When they the party, in the framework of the Fashion Week in New York, left, she did as if nothing had happened.

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