Moscow chooses new mayor

MOSCOW – more than seven million Muscovites may Sunday to vote for a new mayor to choose. Although there are five candidates, it is almost sure that the Kremlin-faithful Sergey Sobjanin a new term.

It seems likely that the Kremlin-faithful Sergey Sobjanin a new term.

In many regions can also new governors are appointed, and in a few local parliaments. Experts assume that the turnout will be low, especially in Moscow, with its twelve million inhabitants.

The social situation in Russia is at the moment, however tense. The proposed pension reform has been bringing for weeks, tens of thousands of protesters on the streets. Kremlin-critic number 1 Alexei Navalni, that in 2013 it will be in vain recorded against Sobjanin has called on election day to protest. Itself is missing the leader of the opposition because he is stuck due to the organizing of a previous illegal demonstration.

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