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MOAC Coin: The Multilayer Blockchain architecture of the future?

MOAC Coin: The Multilayer Blockchain architecture of the future?

Home News MOAC Coin: The Multilayer Blockchain architecture of the future?

Marcel Knobloch –
8 Saturday 2018

In his announcements, the creators, investors and users a guaranteed a very quick and functional as well as highly efficient System. Another important aspect is the very good scalability. The network relies on a so-called “Multi-Layer” architecture, which does not allow for the creation of micro chains.

Further transactions within the “multi-layered” Blockchain can also be made through a cross between different chain links instead of just within individual Blocks. The operator speaks on his website in this context, that a cross-chain capability. Thus, the developers want to make applications that go more or less far beyond the currently used infrastructure of the network functions of the above-mentioned competitors.

Differentiation between different types of Transaction

Special attention deserves especially to be a aspect of it. Developers to carry out transactions such as payments or the pure account overview or Smart Contracts to create, can be set up within the network and priorities for transactions between different transaction types to distinguish. The further development of the Blockchain in this regard is that other networks around Coins in many cases all transactions with the same importance. MOAC allows the Innovation significantly faster Transaction models and is also significantly more transactions per second.

High goals for a successful year 2018

It is important to distinguish between cash transactions and Smart Contracts, according to the developers, because the contracts take up a lot of energy in the System, while in the case of payments and other similar Postings, hardly any energy is required. In the summer of 2017, the ICO was completed, earning the provider a sum of around seven million dollars. Early on, many interests decided in Asia for a network membership. Social Media platforms and different communication media such as WeChat served as an access medium. By the end of 2018, the operator MOAC Team is aiming for, according to the white paper, a lot of 100 dApps in the network.

Also less powerful devices can be used

In view of the flexibility of the system, which does many transactions as I said, without a high computing capacity, it seems this is a goal many observers to be realistic. Because that’s the way members of the network can have on the value creation part, the levels of terminals rather low performance – this includes Smartphones. In terms of scalability as the Foundation for quick and high growth. MOAC to users

no technical boundaries, as is the case with other Blockchain-models and crypto-currencies to date. The operator refers in this context to its “unique Sharding”-implementation in the Form of micro chains. The development aims to offer customised solutions, since the development of the dApps just a silver bullet.

The user stands in the middle of the MOAC network

The orientation is thus in the direction of the creation of the appropriate block chains for each user need within the overall system. Are meant with these options, the configurability is not only the individual sizes of the Blocks in the chain. Also, the frequency in generation, the number of nodes, as well as the design of the protocols is precisely tailored to the needs of the User For each micro-chain is developed in a separate module. This is based on the special Extra of the MOAC SAAM – the “Smart Contract as micro-chain”. Summarized, this means in the System of the Mother of All Chains: for each stand-alone application developed in a Blockchain, which in the said case, the optimum conditions.

Transactions involving different currencies are possible

This, in turn, the opportunity for communication between the different chains, which is described with the above-mentioned concept of Cross-Chain technology can be aptly. MOAC should be a development away from the isolated consideration of the entire Blockchain to a multi-layered Overview of different transactions, without a clear separation between different currencies and Chains. As a result, the MOAC-development means that users can connect to transactions in different currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and other. According to developers, the System is currently (as of the summer of 2018), the few of its kind that addresses the typical compatibility problems and solution approaches.

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