Lift had situation ’Orange’ expect: ’Not always hosanna’

Guus Lift keeps the Englishman Ben Chilwell.

“It’s still not top,” says the 20-year-old midfielder, who last season finally broke, compared to AZ TV. “Your career has not always only a rising line. That will make any athlete feel the same way. It is not only hosanna”, says Lift this summer the aanvoerdersband at AZ, and now with Jong Oranje prepares for the duel with the Young Scotland.

Increasing pressure

“There are, as you captain are more eyes on you, and you’re the one who, every time for the camera explanation should indicate why it went as it went. The pressure is slightly larger, yes. I was also a bit expected that I would fall to the Dutch national team. But we must, so I must now perform with Young Orange.”

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Jong Oranje will play the same in England

His trainer there, Erwin of Tanning, know in what situation Lift is located. “If you have a year, have played, you get the next year, more responsibility and the expectations higher. He takes his responsibility, but I see him as someone who is trying to manifest because he is captain. He is always thinking for the team.”

Lift, which debuted in march of this year when it won the practice duel (3-0) with Portugal for the Dutch national team. Yet, for the midfielder of AZ with one cap remained.

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