Koeman: “The world CHAMPIONSHIP title of France has no more’

Ronald Koeman

Past time

“France has the world cup deserved to win”, said the keuzeheer Saturday afternoon at the press conference. “It is a great achievement, but also past time. It is now up to us to stand up against the world champion a good game to put down and results. All that was, is, counts not more.”

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And this is how it looks to the coach to the match that Orange a year ago in France played, it won’t stand a chance with a 4-0 loss WK-kwalificatieduel. “What happened is, for now, no more value. The team should be more compact than when, we are going to be very good, and everything must be exactly right. And we should especially not make mistakes, because then it is against this kind of opponents over and out.”


Koeman in the run-up to the first match in the Nations League the idea that the Orange-puzzle better and better in each other. “We want to be central on the field to play soccer, between the lines play and then there will space on the sides, which we should exploit. So, we are constantly trying to improve and I’m very pleased about.”

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