Egyptian court confirms death sentences for participants zitstaking of Morsi supporters

2300f3597f89765e5233d58dd5a23687 - Egyptian court confirms death sentences for participants zitstaking of Morsi supporters

An Egyptian criminal court has Saturday the death sentences confirmed of 75 participants to a zitstaking, which in 2013 was organised by the supporters of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi. That happened during a process in which more than 600 people were tried. The Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, also known as ‘Shawkan’, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Among the convicts are members of the now banned organization muslim brotherhood, to which Morsi belongs. The criminal court early in July to the death sentences, but had about the mandatory non-binding advice of the grand mufti, the highest islamic judicial power in the country. Today/Saturday were the death sentences confirmed.

Among the defendants was also the award-winning photojournalist ‘Shawkan’, in 2013, was arrested because he reported the zitstaking. He was today/Saturday sentenced to five years in prison, but because he was already more than five years in pretrial, the procedure for his release started.

Mohammed Badie, the current leader of the muslim brothers, was Saturday sentenced to 25 years, along with 46 others. The 612 medebeklaagden were given prison sentences of five to fifteen years. Against five accused persons, the charges were withdrawn.

The zitstaking by Morsi supporters began in mid-2013 at the Rabaa square in Cairo. In August, a month after Morsi was dropped off by the army, was the protest with violence is broken by the Egyptian ordetroepen. Hundreds of people perished.

Against all judgments may still be subject to appeal. The defendants were accused of murder, keeping an armed gathering, damage of public property, the illegal possession of weapons and belonging to a banned group.

Since the inauguration of current president Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, Morsi steps the authorities hard on against the muslim brotherhood.

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