American debut of Felix van Groeningen well received

‘Beautiful Boy’, the English-language debut film from director Felix van Groeningen, yesterday in wereldpremièe gone at the prestigious film festival of Toronto (TIFF). The first reactions of the press are predominantly positive to laudatory.

“A severe but authentic drama about a drug addiction that manages to move us,” writes Variety. Except Of Groeningens delicate approach vlooft the U.s. magazine also the interpretation of Timothée Chalamet, as the young drug addict Nic, and Steve Carell, as the desperate father David that his son from the clutches of his addiction tries to get. “Their excellent performances should help to keep this riveting film in the awards-buzz atmosphere to launch”, says the.

Also the reviewer of IndieWire is rather positive about this film adaptation of the same name, the autobiographical novel by New York Times journalist David Sheff. “In the worst case, rotating this gloomy drama about familial alienation in sadness with a sadistic intensity that borders on the extreme. With lesser performances would be in this drama fall under the manipulative weight of unmerited severity, but these two actors to know the material each time to transcend.”

‘Beautiful Boy’, produced by Brad Pitts Plan B Entertainment, is in the US on October 12 by Amazon Studios divided. In Belgium the film from the 21st of november in the halls. The national premiere for ‘Beautiful Boy’ is for Film Fest Gent that the 45th edition on 19 October, ending with the display of this Hollywooddebuut by Felix van Groeningen, who previously ‘Belgica’, ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ and ‘The misfortunates’.

‘Beautiful Boy’ is the English language debut of director Felix van Groeningen, known from ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ and ‘The misfortunates’. He goes for the biography in the sea with the French-American actor Timothée Chalamet, and the American actor Steve Carell. “After my previous films, I was ready for an adventure abroad,” says van Groeningen. “I am very proud of this film, a human and very touching story based on true facts.”
Also the festivaldirectie is happy with the decision. “It is an overwhelming emotional film. Who leaves the room will have an experience that one does not soon forget” promises artistic director Patrick Duynslaegher. The film will have its Belgian premiere experience at the festival, preceded by the presentation of the official festivalprijzen, in the presence of the international festival jury and the director.

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