Albert let mysterious daughter of tsar REVIVED!

A scene from the critically acclaimed Anastasia, which is currently on Broadway high eyes throw. Next year, the musical to the Netherlands.

She was born in St. Petersburg, in Yekaterinburg murdered, then found in Berlin for next year’s dive in Scheveningen… As enigmatic as astounding is the story of ANASTASIA, daughter of tsar NICHOLAS II. According to the official story it was during the Russian revolution in 1917 with her parents and imprisoned in Omsk and a year later by the Soviet rebels killed.

But then happens something miraculous. In Berlin, a young woman is found there, from a bridge jumped and got hurt. She is admitted to a hospital, but talk during her recovery. They cannot be identified and refuses to say who she is.

The family of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas, third from right, his youngest daughter, Anastasia, was, in July 1918 completely massacred.

Smallest detail

To she, to everyone’s surprise, in the German capital, but, suddenly, her mouth opening and says that she is Anastasia. In the years that followed, she told to the smallest detail stories about the Russian Court and revealed those secrets of the ROMANOV family on historians, exceedingly believable of her. Only intimates that the family in their extraordinary palaces had doubted and stated that the unknown woman could not be the real Anastasia could have been.

“Successful The Lion King must be in Scheveningen making”

Newspapers and magazines from that time period jumped on the ’only survivor’ of the Romanov drama and in the twenties was the riddle, only larger.

“It is a beautiful story,” says ALBERT VERLINDE. The successor of JOOP VAN DEN ENDE gets the by his company Internship, to the famous cartoon developed musical Anastasia next year to the Netherlands. In the course of 2019 makes The Lion King, which now has 1.2 million visitors, the place for this huge spectacle in which not only the tsarenkind is brought back to life, but also the whole family in which she as the youngest daughter was born.

Albert Verlinde: “This musical is a hit!’

“In Scheveningen, we need a show where you really can have something to show,” says the musicalproducent. “That room is so big and important for us, since you can not arrive with three men and a piano. That is the place where you with dazzling projections, the Hermitage and other palaces can show, and the story of the Russian revolution, a visual can tell the tale. In New York, went our own production in 2017, one hundred years later, in premiere, and since then the hall every evening full. It is a beautiful show with great music, the hit song from this musical is a Journey Into The past – if you hear it, everyone knows it. I imagine there a lot of for. There will also be versions in Germany and Spain, but depending on how long we The Lion King still playing the Netherlands will be the third country where the Broadwayshow. Just as impressive and grand as there.”

“In New York city is the venue every evening full”

Who the role of the seventeen-year-old Romanov-the son is going to play, it is not yet known. A search on the television to the perfect Anastasia, as it is also needed to find a Evita and Joseph, there is, however, not more in.

Albert Verlinde: “No, the office of the Commissioner of the Media has problems with it, broadcasters would now fines risk. But I also think that we of our schools have enough talent to get. I may as well have a few names of girls whom I think that they are this tough role to handle, how young they are. We will start with the casting of all roles in this rich presentation, but of course we start with the main character.”



The Anastasia from Berlin was ANNA ANDERSON to call it that, was extremely eccentric, and lived very retired in America. They are carried by the press closely followed the lawsuits for the Romanov treasures, of which they, as the only still-living, the heir should be. Of those procedures, dragged himself on.

They could in the era before dna does not prove the real Anastasia, but distant cousins could neither prove that she was not who she pretended to be. Anna Anderson died in 1984, until the last moment persistent that she is the daughter of the tsar was. Now it is suspected that they in 1896 born Polish was, that in 1920, the face of the earth seemed to have disappeared.

Albert Verlinde has huge expectations of Anastasia, the musical.

Hollywood has worked to preserve the mystery. In 1956 INGRID BERGMAN the first Anastasia in the eponymous movie, played and for that an Oscar was given. Thirty years later, there was a tv series with AMY IRVING and, in 1997, drilled Disney a whole new and young audience with the cartoon that now, with the music, is the basis for the Stage production to Scheveningen.

Quite puzzling was the moment when the Soviet Union collapsed, sags and more attention came for what at the time of the Revolution all had happened. To get answers to the many questions was in the early nineties, the piece of land being investigated where the imperial family supposedly buried. Scientists determined that the found remains are indeed those of the tsar’s family were. But… there were two! Instead of the expected eleven bodies, there were only nine. Calculated the two youngest children, that of Anastasia and her brother ALEXEI, seemed to be missing!

“Prince Philip was the key to the truth”

Who in 1984 died Anna was, is never explained. The American weekly magazine People put up with now introduced dna tests to all the truth for once and for all to find out.

The magazine was not entirely uncontroversial, come into possession of tissue of Anderson that after surgery was left. That could be compared with blood of QUEEN ELIZABETH’s husband PRINCE PHILIP who is a distant cousin of the Romanovs. From this research we found they are not related to each other.


This was one mystery of the world, but it was unclear why the brother, Alexei, and she in 1918, not in their family buried. To that question came in 1994, partial response when there in Russia for further scientific research was done. A forensic expert knew when five of the nine found skulls in order to identify those perfectly found photos of the murdered tsar’s family. Computer scans recognize the skulls of Nicholas, his wife ALEXANDRA and their daughters OLGA, TATIANA and… Anastasia. In 2008, that dna confirmed. Thus the curtain falls on the myth of her survival, but is that cloth next year in Scheveningen picked.

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