Yes-R let a single woman in latest clip

Posing does Cheyen on the red carpet with Yes-R

The single On the Road that the rapper Friday release, is a real love song, in which he created his great love on a pedestal place. And in the clip could only be one person tegenspeelster: his real big love Cheyen, no other tegenspeelster it would be this song justice.

There is, however, what preceded it, let his management know to Private. In principle, it is always out of the publicity. But, as argued Yes-R, if there is one moment to his wife, however, still to show, this is it. So he got her, finally.

In 2007, met the two together on a strandfeestje, in 2008, they are on islamic way married to each other. For the Dutch law, they are not yet married, but that could just be done, witness his new number with the text: “If you with me shinet, I throw a ring on your finger’. In the song he asks further understanding for the fact that he is so often on the way to his big dream come true, and praised her for her team spirit.

The clip was made by producer Mike Static. The talented young producer Jaymraya signed for the musical production. On The Road is released on the Yes-R of his own record label, Yes-R Records.

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