Twitter closes accounts of extreme right-wing complotdenker

Twitter said Thursday that the accounts of the far-right complotdenker Alex Jones definitively shut down. Following are posts and videos that a day earlier appeared, and the regulation of the social network would violate. So he had a video tweeted which he was a CNN reporter, among others, the equivalent of the Hitlerjeugd called.

Alex Jones is the founder of InfoWars, the website of which Twitter even though the account has closed. He is a media figure who leans to the extreme right. Its fame is thanks to the spread of conspiracy theories, including the claim that the shooting in primary school Sandy Hook in 2012 really happened and the victims actually actors. His personal account was already in August for a week concluded, inter alia, because of the urge to violence, even though were internet users continue to consult.

That Twitter now has both the personal account of Jones as that of InfoWars shut down, is remarkable, because a month ago, defended the social network is still his decision not to do that. Just about all internetgiganten, including Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, had the complotdenker of their platforms are excluded due to breaches of their rules. Twitter ceo Jack Dorsey explained: “We have Alex Jones or InfoWars will not be suspended. We know that that is hard for some, but the reason is simple: he has our rules are not violated.’

Accounts such as that of Jones can often be the things sensational proposals and baseless rumors spread. It is essential, therefore, that journalists such information directly examine, validate, and refute, so that people have their own opinions can form, ” said Dorsey. He denied ‘to give in to external pressure, ” and claimed that he was impartial. “That is the public debate the most good.’

Now is the controversial figure still permanently banned from Twitter, because of his previous and new infringements of the rules of the platform.

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