Survival SBS-quiz Lucky13 uncertain

Rob Janssen

“It was in the planning that Lucky13 would be succeeded by Who has the most beautiful wedding?”, thus the zegsvrouw. Of the trouwprogramma be a total of forty episodes broadcast, which means that from mid-november, the place would be for Lucky13.

Lucky13, presented by 3FM-dj Rob Janssen, started in mid-June in the early evening on SBS. At the beginning of August the show was a half hour early because the start of House of Talent.


The quiz is the first show on Dutch television where viewers can directly play, without them necessarily to the tv should look. In an app, players must be thirteen questions to answer. Who have all the answers, a chance to win a sum of money among all the winners is distributed.

Daily look there are about 100,000 people through television. The number of players in the app is a each game, usually between 20,000 and 30,000 candidates.

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