Sifan Hassan in Denmark debut on half marathon

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Sifan Hassan in Denmark debut on half marathon


07 september, 2018 14:14
07-09-18 14:14

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07 september, 2018 14:15
07-09-18 14:15

Sifan Hassan makes this month in Copenhagen, will make her debut at the half marathon. The 25-year-old Dutch does on september 16, competed in the race over 21,1 kilometres in the Danish capital.

“We are proud that Copenhagen has been chosen to find out what they can be on the half marathon,” said wedstrijddirecteur Henrik Paulsen.

Hassan (25) excelled this summer on the 5000 metres on the track. They sharpness the European record to 14.22.34 and captured in August at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin gold at this distance. Hassan is also the reigning world champion indoors in the 1500 metres.

The road is still unknown territory for the Dutch, now in the American Portland lives and trains. “The distance is new for her, so we should not expect them immediately to the victory participate,” said Paulsen.

Hassan has no specific preparation done

Her trainer Alberto Salazar expected that Hassan around the 1.09 can walk on the half marathon. Specific preparation has not been done. This weekend runs the Dutch on behalf of Europe in the 3000 metres at the IAAF Contintental Cup in Ostrava.

Hassan hopes on the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo medals to win the 5000 and 10,000 metres.


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