’Presidential candidate, stab the had of God

BRASILIA – The man who was Thursday, the Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro neerstak, says that he has done in behalf of God. According to his lawyer he has admitted what he has done and he has acted alone.

The attacker is a man of forty. According to a family member talked the last time, much in himself, he shared disturbing ideas with his family and he cried to the television.

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Bolsonaro was stabbed during a campagnebijeenkomst in the state of Minas Gerais. On television pictures was to see that he was on the shoulders of supporters sat and all of a sudden to his stomach seized with a pain left face. It is now better with him.

Bolsonaro is considered a controversial politician that provocative statements is not afraid. So he praised earlier the former military dictatorship. He also wants the police more criminals types. In the polls goes to Bolsonaro to the pipe.

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