New album of Eminem breaks record in Uk

“Kamikaze”, the new and the end of augstus surprisingly released album Eminem is at the top of the muziekverkoop in Great Britain. This achieves the rapicoon the same record as ABBA and Led Zeppelin: if any ever eight consecutive albums at number 1 in the UK.

“Does it mean that I am now Sir Eminem?”, should mention joked the 45-year-old Marshall Mathers III as Eminem, his real name is, in a message. The answer is no. Only the British come for the honorific Sir in consideration, though it would be the rapper from Detroit, if not British nationals, however, the letter KBE (Knight of the British Empire) behind his name can add but he must first have the Brtise parliament to be nominated.

As some critics Eminem accuse of homophobic language in some of the songs on “Kamikaze” seems to be the chance on such a distinction is rather small. Perhaps Elton John, that the allegations about homophobia in the lyrics of Eminem in the past, always as nonsense stated, a good word for him to do?

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