Model for new bridge in Genoa breaks down during press conference

In Genoa, Friday a project for a new overpass of the hand of the well-known Italian architect Renzo Piano proposed, but the model flew to pieces when shortly after the press release was accidentally omgeduwd.

The bridge must be the Morandibrug replace that on August 14, collapsed in stormy weather. The disaster took 43 lives. The new snelwegbrug get eighteen pillars in the form of the keel of a ship, 43 light poles, one for each victim, so informed the regional authority of Genoa.

“This bridge will be sober but not tinny, secure and easy to maintain, so they are a thousand years and the entire city will embody,” said Piano.

Piano and local politicians put their plans together with the management of the autowegbedrijf Autostrade per l’italia and shipbuilder Fincantieri. After the press conference was a plastic scale model of the bridge to pieces when she was accidentally omgeduwd by the CEO of Autostrade perl’italia, Giovanni Castellucci.

The mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, laughed the incident away. “Let’s so don’t start,” he said.

New birth and redemption

The octogenarian Piano is originally of Genoa. In an interview with La Repubblica he said that it was a beautiful, but safe bridge should be, the affected area a ‘new birth, and redemption’ can offer.

Piano is known as the architect of the Centre Pompidou in Paris (with Richard Rogers), the Shard (‘Shard’) in London and the headquarters of the New York Times. He planned, with Christoph Kohlbecker, the herbebouwing of the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. He also has experience with bridges: he designed the Ushibuka bridge in which three Japanese islands together.

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