Michiel Veenstra after thirteen years away at 3FM

Doe told his listeners that there really is a dream come true when he in October 2005, evening shows got on the Dutch radio station 3FM. “There is very little above. Eight years With Michael, seven years Ekstra Weekend and now already five years, in the late morning, in the premier league of this radio station”, summed up Doe. “You feel him a little bit coming; it is time for something different. After thirteen years 3FM awaits a wonderful new adventure to me where I very much feel like. I want to tell you what that is, but you still need to wait for have that now, can I still not call. I’m going to soon really disclose, but believe me, that is epic.”

According to the AD, that the departure of Veenstra Thursday reported on the basis of insiders, the dj, leave as a result of the new radioprogrammering. Veenstra would go to work for Kink FM, where years ago he once worked for.

“Well, Veenstra, is that necessary?’

Veenstra thanked his listeners ’that I have for thirteen years when you could come’. “That I for thirteen years via 3FM the most beautiful music to you if present. Sometimes things that you thought: what is this now? Sometimes things that are equal coming in. But always with a benevolent ear. I promise you that I keep doing. I keep things in your ears to stop of which, you might first think: “Well, Veenstra, is that really necessary?’. And that you then at a given moment think ” Well, quite fun actually.”

The departure of the dj is already fast, on Friday the 12th of October he makes his last program “on this beautiful station.” “That’s pretty fast, I think that’s also fine, I can there not too long to think about it.” For a hint about how he is turned Veenstra Feeling Good by Muse.

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