Management Hardwell: stop any impulsive action

DJ Hardwell

Stef, that is not using his last name in this article wants to be called, was last night at the concert of Hardwell present and tells The Telegraph that the dj from the nothing show stillegde. “He said: ‘You already have for 50 euro, buy a ticket. If you don’t want to party, then there is the exit. What you think I don’t care so much.’ Also, he used numerous times the word f*cking.”

Stef is clearly in his judgment and calls the behavior of the dj “quite a span”. Also on social media to circulate messages, which will be provided Hardwell an outburst of anger would have been.

From left to right

According to manager Maas is different: “I was at the gig present, and have seen with our own eyes. He called for the party goers from left to right to dance and those who had not wanted to join, had to leave. Then he started the music again and he made his set, as we used from him.”

Hardwell has stated the right to stop performing. His performance with the Metropole Orchestra at the Amsterdam Dance Event takes place, or by. On 18 October, the orchestra and the dj together in the Ziggo Dome, a concert, where visitors of all ages can visit.

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