Long queue for first Starbucks in Italy

MILAN – The American chain Starbucks has Friday, his first place to open in the country. For the office in Milan was a long line with hundreds of tourists and Italians. “I hope the coffee here is better tasting than in America,” said a Milan-based customer.

The line at the first Starbucks in Italy.

For the end of the year would Starbucks have three locations in Milan and open. For Italian purists is that swearing in the church. Starbucks was the last time a lot of criticism, but market researchers believe that young Italians, however, be open to other flavors.


Starbucks has about 29,000 koffiezaken worldwide, but the coffee nation pre-eminently, Italy, was missing. Conquering Italy is the dream of the man that Starbucks large has made, ex-ceo Howard Schultz. He visited the country in 1983, when his employer, Starbucks is still a small shop for coffee beans in Seattle. In Milan saw Schultz how people on every street corner, coffee could purchase, and customers were left hanging to talk to each other.

Schultz decided Starbucks to leave, and itself such a bar. Which he called Il Giornale, to the local newspaper in Milan. It was a success and two years later he was able Starbucks overkopen for a few million dollars. Meanwhile, the ability of Schultz estimated at a few billions.

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