As heard mom Bart Kaell on his relationship with Luc Appermont

Tomorrow, Saturday 8 september, Bart Kaëll and his mother Madeleine, the guests of Ann Van Elsen in a new season of The Family Van Elsen on Joe. “Luc and you are already 40 years together. You have long kept hidden, huh?”, asks Ann to Bart. “Yes, to the public. We come from a time without mobile phones and internet. Everything was different. When we got to know each other we wondered how we the audience had to deal. We have together decided, if we are to go to the baker, for example, we ask also not to the other customers, or that their wife or mistress. From that standpoint, we found that no one actually issues with our relationship. In that time, there was much less or not about private life talked about. You did not know whether certain famous people were married or had children. Some find that hypocritical, but everything in its time”, says Bart.

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