Sign of life from Arjen Kamphuis

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Amsterdam UPDATE – 14.25 PM The phone of the missing 47-year-old Arjen Kamphuis appears ten days after his disappearance suddenly to have stood. Then there is a German sim card in the unit stopped. Reports that the police in the Netherlands.

The internationally renowned cybersecurity expert Arjen Kamphuis, disappeared on 20 August suddenly during a vacation in Norway. On August 30, his phone twenty minutes to to have been.

Sim cards

Then have the sim cards removed and replaced by a German version. The police in Norway are now the history to the investigations. The phone glowed a cell tower in Vikesa, in the southern part of Norway, more than 1700 km to Bodø from, the place where Kamphuis on 20 August uitcheckte at his hotel. And also hundreds of kilometres away from the city of Trondheim, where Kamphuis on 22 August on the plane to the Netherlands, would steps.

The police is currently investigating all possible scenarios. Thus, there is a witness who says Kamphuis on 3 september in Denmark to have seen. And has a Dutch seller, yesterday reported that Kamphuis a folding kayak bought for his vacation. According to that seller, he wanted the Norwegian fjords go kayaking. Also this possibility is still under investigation.


Among family and friends of Arjen Kamphuis is there a glimmer of hope by the discovery that his phone is used. “We have signals that the one who has put the pin of the sim card know. So that indicates that the Ann itself has been,” says Ancilla of the Reading, a good friend of Kamphuis. Also the replacement of the sim card through a German copy, don’t need anything remarkable to think Of the Reading. “Through his work, it makes sense that he have multiple cards. And he has also for a while lived in Germany.”

Big name in cybersecurity

Kamphuis is a well-known appearance in the international world of hackers and cybersecurity. He advises governments, journalists and klokkenluiderssites as Wikileaks. He wrote it several times-translated book ’Information Security for Journalists’.

Are loss nourishes on the internet directly all kinds of conspiracy theories. Of the Reads: “of Course. Arjen is always busy with projects that not everyone is always equally acceptable. But the last time he was not with anything other than busy.”

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