Participants of Expedition Robinson: The Ultimate Countdown break world record

Sandstorm, heatwave and rain were never longer than 24 hours standing defied – In the United Kingdom, kept the winner in the 22 vol.

Bartel Van Riet: “What I here in the last 24 hours have seen, is unbelievable for me, all the imagination. That they are here at the MAS, still with six men, is too crazy for words. I have but one word for what this six performing is: superhuman.”

That Flemish people, those who persevere are, know Bartel Van Riet since the filming of Expedition Robinson in July, which is the result from tonight at FOUR to see. But the courageous participants in The Ultimate Countdown did to him this afternoon, blow you away. Since yesterday evening, 17h, ten Flemish people during a long trial to fight each other and bet a trip for two to the Philippines. The participants-drawn carriage is a variation on the famous ‘paalproef’ Expedition Robinson. They were on a billboard placed next to the MAS in Antwerp and had it for as long as possible to sustain without food, drink or sleep. And this for the sake of the whole of Flanders, online and on television.

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