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Dries Mertens: “Understand first, not many of that Nations League”

Red Devil Dries Mertens has one day for the friendly match against Scotland to talk to the press stood. He was deeper in his situation at Napoli, the opponent on Friday and the UEFA Nations League. “Initially, I understood that there is not a lot of.”

Mertens went deeper in on his situation at Napoli, where he is still not a single time in the base was. “It was a long season last year. We have long fought to be a champion and unfortunately not met. There is still a world CHAMPIONSHIP in was heavy,” he explained. “After the world CHAMPIONSHIPS I was also later arrived, and that had consequences. But the idea is that I have more to play will accrue. I’ve been with the trainer speaking, a very friendly man, and that was a very good conversation.”

The winger of Napoli disappeared after the eighth-finals at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS from the team at the Red Devils. “I have not played everything, but I was pleased with that medal home,” says Mertens. “It is a boost to third on the world cup.”

Count on a motivated Scotland

Mertens expects that third-place Scotland, the opponent on Friday, will motivate. “The impact of the world cup was enormous. I have a lot of congratulations and that is nice. That was even so in Bali. We know that the bar for the Red Devils now higher. But I feel a lot of trust in the group. Scotland will want to give up but we must of the own strength to go out.”

The friendly match with some mates against the Scots is a preparation for the first campaign of the Red Devils in the Nations League, the brand new league of European football association UEFA. “Initially, I did not understand many of the Nations League, but that’s over now”, gave Mertens. “We have much talked about, because it is important. We want to win.”

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