Couples-participants to kiss one on the head

What is the secret of a good relationship? The past months were four Flemish couples up to the challenge and filmed their own unique relatietraining, with instructions that they received from the clinical psychologist and clinical seksuologe Chloé De Bie and clinical sexologist Wim Slabbinck. As they discovered how they made their life together an extra boost. The result is surprisingly recognizable. You try it from this week?

Steven and Hannah, Lars and Eline, Gregory and Leslie and Luc and Nadia: the four couples with different relationships and different reasons to take part in ‘Couples’. In the first episode on Thursday 6 september meet the couples each other for the first time and they look together with Chloé De Bie and Wim Slabbinck back on their relatietraining.

The first 3 commands are in the picture, that they are at home – just like the other 17 commands – self filmed:

The Kiss:
Cushion couples well enough and would their relationships be better if they would kiss? The couples must each day for at least a half hour really kisses. Tongkussen so. For some, a great fun job, others have a bit more difficult.

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