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What are Stealth Adresses?

Anonymity on the Blockchain, is this possible?

Here you what are Stealth Adresses are and what they can be used for learning.

Your Coins will be transferred on the Blockchain.
The Blockchain is a Peer-to-Peer network that consists of many computers which Communicate with one another
and check whether a transaction is valid or not.
On the Bitcoin Blockchain,every transaction can be tracked
on the Monero Blockchain for example, is not. If you send a Monero to another Wallet, can You as the sender
no longer be identified. For each transaction a new Stealth address is generated, and therefore can not be found
who is the shipper. In addition, YOU how much, or if You have Monero in your Wallet know.


The Monerowallet consists of a 91 characters in length key.
This key consists of a Public View Key and a Public Send Key.
If You send now Monero to another Wallet, and send you the Wallet with your Public Send and Public View is the Key to a unique new Key
to generate for the transaction. On the Blockchain, everyone can see the Key, but only You and your recipient know that you sent you Monero.
As soon as the transaction the Monero Blockchain was started by the addiction of the Public View Key of the recipient after the transaction. As soon as the transaction
was found, the receiver creates a unique associated key for the transaction.
So it is never brought out the Wallet of the recipient to the public with a transaction. The use of Ring Signatures to conceal the identity
of the consignor. Thus, the recipient and the sender remain completely anonymous.

Thus, Person1 would have had as the only indication of how many inputs it has and whether he has any slopes.
It also can’t be tracked if there are inputs from the same sender or just Sender the have only transferred once and then never again.
If you or the consignor of you unsure are whether a transaction has taken place, you can do it, however, on the basis of the transaction history to prove.
The Monero is the only cryptocurrency with Stealth Adresses, there are other crypto-currencies, such as the Verge, the have Stealth addresses.
Thus, crypto-currencies unlike Bitcoin COMPLETELY Anonymous and opaque.

This is a small example, if someone transfers you money, you can’t view the account, in the case of Bitcoin transactions. This Problem is solved by the Monero. This crime prevents.

Here is a YouTube Video for a demonstration

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