Parents of daughter with Down to adopt a second child with the syndrome

Arkansas – The extraordinary story of an American couple from Arkansas, the whole world over. Allison and Andrew Sweatman together have a daughter with Down’s syndrome. Recently decided to make a peutertje with the same syndrome to adopt.

Beau, Andrew and Rosie.

Allison and Andrew were already the proud parents of daughter, Rosie. Rosie was born with a heart defect and Down syndrome. The couple ended up in a medical mill, and had no time to enjoy their new daughter.

As time passed, they began more and more to fantasize about adoption. When the couple Beau met they were. Beau is a little boy with Down’s syndrome. His biological parents loved dearly but could not take care of him. “When I got Beau for the first time in my arms, I experienced a mix of emotions. I knew at the time that Beau, my son, his biological mother is a huge sacrifice would do,” tells Allison of the Daily Mail.

Allison tells them that they immediately a beautiful connection had with Beau. Two months after the couple and their daughter Rosie, Beau had met, if he is with them to take home. “For the first time we have the feeling that we can really enjoy and have fun. It is hard work, but it is a privilege for these children to be allowed to worry”, said the proud parents.

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