Judges case Mladić replaced because of bias

THE HAGUE – Three of the five judges who discuss the appeal case of Ratko Mladić, have been replaced. That decision has to do with possible bias against the former Bosnian Serb army chief, is evident from rechtbankdocumenten that Wednesday have been released.

Mladić enters the court in the Hague

The now 75-year-old Mladić was last year’s lifetime, because of the genocide in Srebrenica. Mladić’s troops walked the city in 1995 under the foot. Soon to follow were many thousands of muslim men and boys killed. Srebrenica was at the time under the protection of Dutch vredesmilitairen.

The former leader is appealing against the verdict. His lawyers had successfully wrakingsverzoek filed against several judges, among them the renowned jurist Theodor Meron. He is the president of the International Restmechanisme for criminal tribunals, that the case of Mladić in treatment.

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