Genk police let the shadows in Heroes of Here: On Intervention

From Wednesday 5 september 2018 follows Heroes from Here in the wake of one of the most exciting professions in the world: that of the interventiepolitie. In the new series of Heroes of Here: On Intervention, the Genk interventiepolitie zone CARMA is 8 months long shadows. The cameras follow the more than 300 policemen and women who every day have their own safety for that of the citizens.

Police CARMA fights day and night, small and big crime in 9 Hilly cities, towns and municipalities. The teams are ready for the safety of 176.000 inhabitants in the region around Genk. Heroes of Here: On Intervention shows the work of the interventiepolitie as it really is. A chase, interrogation after a break-in or invasion with drawn weapons in a massive marijuana plantation: Heroes of Here there is always. Where the camera for the sake of security, should stop, the bodycams of the agents further. Even closer to the action.

Episode 1:
The agents tear off when an armed man spotted in a Genks bank branch. “At that time, several things running through your head,” says inspector Jan. “We live in times where crazy things happen. Such situations are not normal.” Inspector Rudi of the motorcycle unit to accompany together with the customs controleactie. This is a man arrested with an outstanding fine of up to 29,000 euro. “I work hard to pay the fines”, it sounds.

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