False alarm cholera in plane to France

PERPIGNAN airport in the South of france Perpignan is Wednesday to raise the alarm about a child from Algeria had arrived, and possibly with cholera was infected. The eight-year-old child to a hospital, while the other 150 passengers the device is not allowed. Research has shown that the child is not cholera.

The child with symptoms of cholera recorded in France

The aircraft flew to Oran to Perpignan. The French authorities took to say no risk, after a crew member of the aircraft had reported that a child on board under symptoms of cholera, suffering. Cholera has, since 7 August, emerged in Algeria, where the disease since 1996 not more had happened.

The Algerian minister of Health, Mokhar Hasbellaoui, has said that the disease is now completely under control. There are nearly a month’s time 74 cases were identified. Two patients died. There are still ten cholerapatiënten in Algerian hospitals, according to the authorities.

It is still unclear where this outbreak originated. According to some sources, was that in water from the region of Tipiza, approximately 60 km west of the capital Algiers. Cholera is an infectious disease that is now rarely fatal, if fast action is. The patient dries in a short time and lose resistance.

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