Expedition Robinson start with the classics

The cards are immediately shuffled: who leaves Robinson as the first?

A half years ago, two thousand people engage themselves in to participate in one of the hardest, most ruthless and most adventurous programs ever. Jonas, Nele, Fré, Thomas, Luc, Emily, Angelo, Oona, Imke, Lisa, Gilles, Robbe, Chloe, Lesley, Annick, Arnaude and Anton took the rigorous selection and leave from tomorrow to see what they are worth in the desperate struggle for the coveted Robinsontitel and price of 25,000 euros.

The battle is going to start with the classic evenwichtsproef: the two adventurers who manage to make the longest stay afloat during the famous trial, at the bar, team captains of Camp North and Camp South. The cards are immediately shuffled.

On the islands discover the two camps, a chest containing the most essential necessities to survive. One important item is missing, however: the vuurstick. The expedition must make the fire, and it is immediately clear that the back to basics, and there are no presents to be handed out.

Expedition Robinson – Thursday at 20u35 at FOUR

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