Duikbootmaker Madsen wants to lower penalty

COPENHAGEN – The lawyer of the sentenced to life, would Danish inventor Peter Madsen, has appealed a lower sentence requested. Madsen was previously serving life for the murder and maiming of journalist Kim Wall aboard his home-built submarine.

Peter Madsen (bet).

Madsen took the journalist in August 2017 in his submarine. The authorities found her body parts later, back in the water. The Danish court ruled earlier this year that there is clear evidence that the inventor of the victim, first tortured and then killed.

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The inventor argued at the time that there was an accident. He has now resigned to his conviction for murder, but disagreed with the amount of the penalty. Prisoners in Denmark to life are condemned, are not usually to their death behind the bars. They can to grace to ask.

The decision in the appeal case on 14 september.

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