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Deutsche Börse provides the Blockchain Team

The Deutsche Börse has identified Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) as growth technologies. In the area of move forward, was established the unit “DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures”. In an internal Interview, Jens hachmeister, the Director of the group, insights into the DLT/Blockchain-strategy of the German Bank.

In the Roadmap to 2020 of the German stock exchange Group’s three pillars are anchored as a growth program. One of these pillars at the end of key industries, according to Jens hachmeister investments in new and future-oriented. In addition to Cloud, Big Data and artificial intelligence, the area of the DLT/Blockchain. For this reason, you have compiled a private Blockchain Team that will deal intensively with the possibilities of the technology.

All the Blockchain initiatives in a Hand

The task of the group “DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures” will be to the Blockchain, all of the efforts and initiatives of the German stock exchange and the DLT to control in a common group-wide approach. The German stock market is already in a number of different areas of the Blockchain, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the technology. As soon as this is now bundled, should be increased in all relevant business areas the effect. The members of the new Teams are all from areas in which they already had to do with the Blockchain technology.

“The digital economy is on the path to decentralization. In the future there will be more Peer-to-Peer market places, and less Intermediaries. In this regard, the Blockchain has the potential to have a disruptive effect on the capital market infrastructure. It is a decentralized Ledger for all transactions in a Peer-to-Peer network, in which the participants in transactions can confirm, without a Central certification authority is required. Also, many other sectors have recognized the importance of technology“,

so Hachmeister about the Potential of the Blockchain for the transactions of the Deutsche Börse Group.

Blockchain-potential for the entire value-added chain

He sees the potential of the Blockchain over the entire value-added chain spread, and called the IPO/Listing, trading and Clearing, settlement and custody, and the data and Analytics business. The aim should be, therefore, new elements into existing structures. He, too, sees the traditional market infrastructure of the German stock market through new innovations threatened. For this reason alone, you should make even more with the technology.

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