45th Film Fest Gent turns striking Belgian

On the 45th Film Fest Gent is celebrating Belgian cinema is already rampant. Earlier it was already known that it is not only the opening night (‘Girl’ by Lukas Dhont), but also the slotfilm (‘Beautiful Boy’ by Felix van Groeningen) black-yellow-red will be colors. The festival now sets the 10 titles with the Belgian talent for, of which no less than 6 world premiere will be in October.
Artistic director Patrick Duynslaegher about the titles: “Indeed, a striking Belgian edition, but at the same time, it turns liège is also very international, with an American movie (‘Beautiful Boy’) directed by the Flemish Felix van Groeningen; an in our country included Belgian production (‘Kursk’), directed by the Dane Thomas Vinterberg and with Matthias Schoenaerts in the lead role; one in Tunisia twisted film (‘Fatwa’) of the Tunisian-Belgian film director Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud; a French-speaking Belgian film (‘Duelles’) with Veerle Baetens, and the Brussels Anne Coesens in the leading roles; a Flemish documentary about the Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert, who made a career in Paris at the photo agency Magnum. Variety is also an asset in two national tv series that both the history and the actuality distinction, in addition to a Louis Paul Boon editing (‘The Gang of Jan de Light’), a saga (‘Water’), against the backdrop of the cocaine trafficking in the port of Antwerp.”

1. Beautiful Boy – Felix van Groeningen (the Searchers)
Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell crawl into the skin of an addict son and his father. This English-language debut of Van Groeningen is based on the memoirs of journalist David Sheff and his son.

2. The Gang of Jan the Light – Christophe Dierickx, Benjamin, Sprengers, Robin Pront & Maarten Moerkerke (VTM) – world premiere. This new historical series that tells the story of Jan the Light, a still in the 18th century for the turmoil caused in and around Aalst. In addition to Matteo Simoni signed a number of Flemish top actors to the gang of thieves to leave.

3. Driver – Kenneth Mercken (Paradiso) – world premiere. The semi-autobiographical debut of Mercken follows Felix, who grows up in a world of cycling races, drugs and violence. As a national beloftekampioen he begins to cycling in Italy. But his career is, however, compromised when his body is not responding properly on stimulants.

4. Duelles – Olivier Masset-Depasse (o’Brother)
Neighbors, Alice (Veerle Baetens), Celine (Anne Coesens) and their sons throughout the years a close friendship developed. This psychological thriller unfolds, slowly but surely, when one of the two families affected by an accident, and the trust between the two rose rapidly crumble.

5. Etangs Noirs – Pieter Dumoulin & Timeau De Keyser (Accattone movies) – world premiere. Jimi, a boy from the Brussels model district, tries a wrong delivered parcel to deliver to a woman from the neighborhood. When the packet is not at destination, start Jimi an obsessive quest.

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