The presenter writes just before death a book for son

London – The English radiopresentatrice Rachael Bland is suffering from terminal breast cancer and has but a few days to live. Her son was just two years old and thus will hardly have memories.

That is why she is now in great haste to her memoir to write, so Freddie later knows who she is.

“In the words of the legendary Frank Sinatra – I am afraid that my time has come, my friends,” writes the 40-year-old Bland on Twitter. “Suddenly I get told that I only have a few days to live have. Thanks for all the support I have received.”

Rachael made together with two other women on the podcast ” You, Me and the Big C’ in which they talk openly about life with cancer. The podcast is going after her death.

In november 2016, was the Uk presenter of the bad news that she had breast cancer. A long struggle ensued. In may this year she got to hear that the cancer is no longer curable fell, yesterday was the news that it was only a few days will go.

“It is now a real race against time to get my book ‘for Freddie,” let Rachael know yet. “If you need me, then you will find me on my laptop while I liters of water to drink.”

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