Nike campaign with kneeling Footballspeler divides Americans

WASHINGTON – The typical American sportkledinggigant Nike has continued to rage on the neck of a portion of the American population. The decision of Nike to American Footballspeler Colin Kaepernick an important role in a new advertising campaign on social media adulated and ridiculed it.

On social media images of burning Nike shoes.

The 30-year-old former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, the first player who knelt and his fist raised during the playing of the American national anthem. That protest against excessive police brutality against black Americans was much followed, to the chagrin of president Donald Trump.

Especially in conservative circles is angry react on the action of Nike, report American media. On social media many messages to be found under #boycotnike. Also displayed there are photos and videos of people who have their Nike shoes on fire or the world-famous logo of their socks to cut. Others could be the action of Nike, however, appreciate, evidenced by the many congratulations to the address of Kaepernick.

Respect for flag

Trump took to Twitter regularly hard to the kneeling players. That showed, according to him, no respect for flag and country, and deserved nothing less than dismissal, said the president.

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A kneeling Colin Kaepernick (m) during the American national anthem. President Donald Trump reacted furious.

Kaepernick became by that action also in conflict with the American Football league. He complained to the NFL for conspiracy. The 32 teams are harnessed, according to him together to give him any contract offer. He is now one of the faces in the new campaign ‘Just do it’ of Nike. We found Colin, one of the most inspiring athletes of his generation, that the platform sport has used to improve the world”, commented Nike-ceo Gino Fisanotti on the Us sports channel ESPN.

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