Man tries woman Turkish border to smuggle in suitcase

Hopa – A 24-year-old man has tried his partner, unseen Turkish to smuggle in his suitcase. The woman sat folded in half in the black object, but the border guards discovered it because her friend the heavy luggage with a lot of trouble with drew.

Photo for illustration

In a video on the English website The Mirror is to see how guards the suitcase unzip. The 27-year-old woman gets off the suitcase and dive together, in a desperate last attempt to remain unnoticed. The illegally from Uzbekistan was brought by her boyfriend from Georgia to the Turkish Hopa smuggled. Apparently she wanted to be there work.

Normal work is allowed due to the trade between Uzbekistan and Turkey. With a visa can you, as a citizen of Uzbekistan 30 days within the Turkish borders to stay and to work for a boss. Because the woman earlier illegally, without a visa in the country had worked, her chance lost.

The couple was arrested and gets a criminal case for the choose.

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