Lewinsky walks away from tv interview after question about the affair with Clinton

TEL AVIV – The Clinton affair is more than twenty years later it is still susceptible to Monica Lewinsky. The former White House intern was at a tv appearance in Israel asked whether they are personal excuses to expect from ex-president Bill Clinton. “Sorry, I can’t help” said Lewinsky. She put her microphone down and beende away from the stage.

Archive view: Clinton and Lewinsky during a partijbijeenkomst.

Lewinksy was a guest at a conference about bullying and discussed to identify the role of social media. At the end of the interview, changed the interviewster the subject and got Lewinsky a question about Clinton choose for her. According to Lewinsky, were there for the interview made clear agreements. “For the interview, I already asked if that question could be. I already said that I don’t want to talk about. I left because I want to show that it is more important that women stand up for themselves. To the public I would like to apologize that the call on which way it ended”, wrote Lewinsky later on Twitter.

Ex-president Clinton made in June on an American tv show to publicly apologize for affair, but it did never personal with Lewinsky. Then portrayed Clinton herself as a victim of the controversial case.

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