Japan hit by worst storm in 25 years

A very powerful typhoon hits Tuesday, the west of Japan. By the storm, more than 650 flights canceled and hundreds of trains cancelled. According to local media, there is certainly a person to the life.

Typhoon “Jebi” came according to the Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) soon after the afternoon ashore on the Pacific coast in the prefecture of Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku. It’s already the 21st tropical cyclone of Japan this season.

Jebi turn in the direction of the noordnoordoosten. The typhoon bringing sustained wind speeds of 162 kilometers per hour, with gusts up to 216 kilometers per hour, according to the JMA. In addition, the storm accompanied by heavy rainfall.

The JMA warns the population for flooding in large parts of the country. On the coast of Shikoku and the region of Kansai (also called Kinki), to the east of the island, Jebi in addition, waves up to twelve metres high cause. The Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe has a crisisoverleg convened.

Japan is this year already by several severe typhoons ravaged. Especially the west of the country was already very hard to endure. In July came in floods and landslides still 226 people, while another 10 people missing. The disaster was immediately followed by an intense heat wave that a further 130 people killed.

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