Celien Deloof has obesity

Celien Deloof, the daughter of Margriet Hermans, has a beautiful summer. Her single “Rhythm in me” did well in the Flemish charts and on Radio 2 the song was very much turned. Celien has her talent not a stranger, that much is clear.
This week let Day All Celien to the word. Through her recent health problems would Celien her dreams no longer postpone. One of them is for mom to be. “If I have that infarction had not been, there was now probably a baby on the way. Two years ago we decided to start a family, but because of my diabetes goes that it is not. I weigh over 100 kg. That is not sturdy or chubby, I just have obesity. Therefore, I am now in treatment with a obesitaschirurg”, sounds. Celien is contemplating a gastric bypass (read stomach reduction) to execute it. “There will be criticism, but I want to show that you have a problem, always able to tackle it,” she says with confidence. Margriet switched years ago also a specialist in to get to her current weight, will also want to Celien a bit below the 100 roads. And there is still something on her agenda: a personal album, and that is even for very soon. “I hope this or next month my album. There is also a duet with my mother,” laughs Celien.

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