Brunchweek in the second episode Bake Off Flanders

Brunchweek in the second episode of the Bake Off Flanders. The 9 remaining home bakers bake plukbroden, build pannenkoekentaarten and knots Swedish kanelbullar on the basis of an Ikea manual.

The exit of CEO Georges last week the nerves sharpened. The bakers appear tense at the start because they realize that anyone can lose weight.

For the weekly technical test, you expect the jury a stack of perfectly folded kanelbullar. A command on unknown territory for most bakers. Especially the typical knot that they are in the dough will have to make is a challenge. Some get caught up in the knot with the dough and himself. Carefully follow the Ikea manual of the jury to follow, is the message. Which leads them to the perfectly knotted kanelbullar.

The spectacle this week of a pannenkoekentaart of 50 pieces. Sounds easy, but in pancakes it fails the first always. And some of the bakers not only the first… To the kitchen islands will appear off and a plume of smoke or a printed face, but in the end Herman and Regula 9 pannenkoekentaarten presented. Of halfverzakte lillende deeghopen to lively colorful cakes.

For whom was the brunchweek the last week, and who gets the title of Best Baker?

Bake Off Flanders, every Wednesday at 20u35 on FOUR.

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