Unit Transavia makes a stop to stinky passenger

Amsterdam – A unit of Transavia that of Gran Canaria, was on his way to Schiphol airport have a stop to make in the Portuguese Faro because of the ’huge stink’. One passenger smelled so horrible that “people were getting sick and had to vomit”, which tells the Belgian Piet Van Haut, who was also in the plane.

Haut is still deeply impressed of what he and his fellow passengers is to happen. “The stench was incredible. I ran the unit in. The man walked in front of me. The man, it would go to a Russian, and I feel really terrible. From the moment that he the aisle is entered, people started screaming and went into hiding in their bags looking for handkerchiefs to their noses to keep.”

The smelly man was in the back of the plane posted in the hope that the nuisance would be limited, but to no avail.

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Horror on board: ’Dirtier than corpse-like smell’

The Boeing 737 of the Dutch Transavia departed Tuesday night at a little after seven o’clock (local time) from the holiday island of Gran Canaria and set course in the direction of Amsterdam.

The Belgian passenger Piet Van Haut.

Everything was according to the Haut out of the closet reached for the stench to fight. “Passengers of the last six rows fled to the front. The purser went to nine time to have a look in the back of the plane. The crew took aerosol perfume to spray, yet it was the horrible smell.” When nothing helped, the purser him in the toilet, let it sit in an attempt to bring the nuisance to a minimum.

’Worse than corpse-like smell’

“I heard someone say that the stench was worse than that of a corpse that is already a month in dissolution. It was an unsustainable situation,” said Haut.

The commander decided to make a stopover in Faro. “He said through the intercom,” ladies and gentlemen, you will already have noticed that there is something wrong with a passenger. For privacy reasons I can not dwell on’.” The decrease was deployed and the commander had to know that there are made a stopover would be.


There was the man under coercion of the police from the plane met and then taken away in a van. “A cleaning crew had to attend to it for the whole plane to clean. Only then we could make the journey. Finally we arrived over two hours late in Amsterdam.”

Comment Transavia

Transavia has now been compared to The Telegraph confirmed that Tuesday night, as a precaution in connection with a passenger, an emergency landing at the Airport of Faro is made. Because of stricter privacy laws, airlines can’t say anything about what is going on with the passenger on the hand was.

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