Two Flemish tv-programs, make a chance on Prix Europa

Two Flemish programmes, which are broadcast on the VRT, have been nominated for the Prix Europa prizes. It comes to the fiction series “Sense of tumor”, a production of Sylvester TV and the documentary “God lives in Berchem – Jewish Antwerp” by Dimitri Van Zeebroeck. The prestigious mediaprijzen be on October 19, awarded in Berlin.

“Sense of tumor” takes it in the category of tv fiction on against 21 other television programs from 16 different European countries. In the tragicomic fiction series by Leander Verdievel is the life of a 25-year-old medical student completely turned upside down when he gets cancer and patient. The scenario was based on the testimonies of (ex)-cancer patients and, among others, Maarten Nulens, Els Dottermans, Dirk Van Dijck, Marthe Schneider, Barbara Sarafian, Liesa Naert and Vic De Wachter play with it.

“God lives in Berchem – Jewish Antwerp”, that was sent out on the Canvas, then again chance in the category of tv documentary. The program is part of seven episodes in which the director six religions and the secular humanists in the picture. Director Dimitri Van Zeebroeck departs from his own multicultural neighbourhood in Oud-Berchem. In this category a total of 25 programs from 14 different countries have been selected.

In the categories of the Prix Iris, that the promotion of diversity, rewards, and TV Current Affairs, there are no Belgian nominees. In total, there are dozens of entries from 21 countries on the nomination list of the Prix Europa.

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