’Terreurregel Facebook is being abused’

GENEVA – What is Facebook under terrorism understands, is so broad, that governments can use to opponents to silence. That says a UN envoy.

That envoy, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, from Ireland, has written a letter to Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg. Therein she writes that , with the use of such a broad definition is disturbing because some of the governments try to dissent and peaceful or to violent opposition to be considered as terrorism”. Concrete examples calls Ní Aoláin, but they said that it may lead to,discrimination, overcensuur and randomness”. It is not clear as to how Facebook determines whether a user is a member of a particular group and what a user against it can do.

According to Ní Aoláin see Facebook every armed group in a conflict as a terrorist, even if such groups are to oorlogsregels and humanitarian agreements.

Ní Aoláin is affiliated with the UN department of human rights. There she is in for ‘the protection of human rights and freedoms in the fight against terrorism”.

Last week had other UN-researchers also sharp criticism on Facebook expressed. The regime in Myanmar would be the platform for violence and hatred against the Rohingya minority to stir up, and Facebook would be there. Facebook had previously admitted that the approach,too slow” was.

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