Surgeon is cutting baby during caesarean section:

Reims – The pregnant Hélène has a trauma caused by her childbirth. During the scheduled c-section cut, the surgeon of the hospital in the head of her baby.

A baby in Reims came after a caesarean, battered on the world: the chrirug had her head cut.

The Francaise had 24 August appointment in a hospital in Courlancy, a district of Reims. She would give birth to her third child. That would come into this world via a cesarean section.


Hélène got ruggenprik, so that they are without pain was like. But during the c-section went wrong.

The doctor was not only a cut in her uterus, but also in the head of the baby. This had to be her daughter after the birth of six sutures. According to the woman came there was no apologies from the gynecologist. “It’s not very,” was the from the medical staff. “The injuries are only on the top of her head.”


The woman complains that the anesthetic was not enough. “I have felt all. I had pain, I have cried and I have screamed. It has really lasted too long,” writes the woman.

The hospital has been officially excused, but says at the same time that ” now once at the risks of a caesarean section hear.

That also confirms doctor and midwife Ellen Roets (Ghent university hospital), writes The Nieuwblad. “Every gynecologist knows that you have something to pay attention, because it happens faster than you think. Especially when a non-premature caesarean section and the head of the baby is already very low.”


“At that time the uterus is very thin and there are only a few millimeters between the wall of the uterus and the baby’s head. Before you know it, you’re so with the knife in the womb. It sometimes happens that we in the body of the baby cutting. Especially when spoedoperaties is that risk is higher: you want the baby is not in danger, so the labor to quickly complete it. Almost all of my colleagues have ever experienced in their career,” says Roets.

The good news: the baby loves virtually nothing about. “It’s going to a surgical incision made with a scalpel. That kind of cuts, usually no larger than an inch or two, normally heals very quickly and well,” said the doctor.

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