Sixth “die Hard”movie will be called “special forces”

John McClane, played by American actor Bruce Willis, is the main protagonist in the highly successful film series about a detective that whenever any rescue can offer in dire gijzelingssituaties. The new “die Hard”movie will also be “special forces” are called, according to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

The first part of 1988 is regarded as one of the best action films ever made. The last part of 2013, “A Good Day to die Hard”, however, was very poorly received.

The sixth part, for which the scenario is almost finished, is set partly in the present and partly a prequel, in which the viewer is a young John McClane learns, tells the producer to Empire. “We are going to us more than ever on the character John McClane.” Willis will be a very prominent part of the sixth part. “We can not That Hard imagine without Bruce Willis.”

It is not yet known who the young McClane is going to play. The director of “die Hard 6: McClane” is Len Wiseman, who previously also part 4, “Live Free or die Hard”, and is also known for the “Underworld”saga. The coming months should the new film to go into production.

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