Seoul monitors soon daily public toilets on hidden cameras

Seoul is daily all public toilets in the city to check on hidden cameras. This is reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap last Sunday. To the city the rising number of illegally taken images of mostly women, the head pressing.

Currently, Seoul is only about fifty employees to the 20.554 public restrooms in the South Korean capital to check. Therefore, the areas at most one time per month for an inspection be submitted. To the goal of one inspection per day, will have 8,000 employees currently responsible for the maintenance, also to be enabled in order for cameras to shake.

The about a thousand toilets where the risk of hidden camera’s extra-large it is considered, will even more often be inspected.

Perpetrators difficult to catch

The number of illegal images with hidden cameras at a five-year period has almost tripled in South Korea. In 2012, there were about 2.400 facts are registered, but last year, that number had already risen to 6.470. In about eighty percent of the cases is a woman, the victim. Often, the videos also without the knowledge of the victim posted online.

The fifty employees that is until now with the inspections had been there the last two years and not managed to get hidden cameras to find, writes Yonhap. Agents have previously been on the British news site BBC explained that it is very difficult for offenders to be caught, as the cameras are often within fifteen minutes after installation can be removed.

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