Martin Heylen from Thursday next on tv

Martin Heylen call from Thursday on One with people that he was twenty years ago, spoke for Man Bites Dog. In Gazet van Antwerpen, he says there are sixty re-visited. “It is not a best-off. We left then, and now, the chance do its job. Because all you had was a good story, you never knew how it was then walked. I have all the images of yesteryear should look at, because a lot of the encounters, I was completely forgotten. People were physically a big change, sometimes for good. I ever talked to a pretty heavy guy. He was now 60 years old and looked athletic. The man walked half marathons and full of energy. Nobody had thought that we ourselves twenty years later would again invite. I am, and anyway, someone who will never intense contacts to maintain with the interviewees. Not even with BV’s that I use for my programs spoke. At the time of the recording, you are a kind of ‘companion’, but then the roads from each other. What Man Bites Dog, I never had addresses listed. Facebook did not yet exist. The only thing we had was a photo of the huisgevel. That was, after all, filmed. Problem was that I was always varied. If I one week a particular house in the countryside had visited, we did the same, then an ordinary terraced house in the city. Outside the photo, we had only the name of the municipality. On the famous Cogels Osylei in Antwerp, we had our person quick bite. But try to get someone to track on a weekday rijhuisgevel in Merksem.

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