Gorilla makes friends with the tiny galago

Remarkable scene in the Mefou Primate Park in Cameroon. There closed a gorilla of 200 kilograms, named Bobo, friendship with a tiny galago. “We have never had a wild primate friendship see, with a rescued gorilla,” says spokeswoman Elissa O’sullivan.

‘The caretaker took Bobo and the galago together when he in the morning began his work, ” says O’sullivan. Both animals have each other accidentally discovered.’

The galago lives fully in the wild, while Bobo 22 years in the reserve lives. The gorilla was at the age of two rescued by Ape Action Africa, after he was become by poachers.

The speelpartij between the primates took about two hours, then let Bobo his friend back in the nature. The other gorillas of the group were very curious, but Bobo wanted the galago not share. “The galago was not afraid of Bobo, and also played around in the grass. But he chose to return for Bobo to go, ” says O’sullivan.

Ape Action Africa underlined that this meeting is very special. ‘Monkeys are not pets and it is important to know that this meeting is not in the scene have been made for the pleasure of the people, ” says O’sullivan.

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